Dear Trainers and Studio Owners,

welcome to the April 2017 appointman Product Updates.

Below you can find a summary of our latest product updates:

  • Member overview: Grey Pass-Icon
  • App: Easier booking experience with Multicontract
  • Statistics: 4 new Statistics for members and bookings
  • Cross Studio Bookings
  • Shop: Hide products and use them for promotions
  • New appointman logo 

Of course we will give you a little sneak peak of our next plans as usual. You will find them after a little bit of scrolling down. 🙂


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Member overview: Grey Pass-Icon

New members with class pass contracts who don’t have an active pass yet are now clearly visible in the members list. You can see a grey pass icon instead of the black one.

Bild: Graues Karten-Icon

App: Easier booking experience with Multicontract

Die It is now easier for members with multi-contracts to book via app.

They will now be able to choose the desired class date as usual, but after doing so they will directly see both of their contracts and can see the booking limitations for each contract. With one click they will take part in this class.

Bild: Teilnehmen in der App

Statistics: 4 new Statistics for members and bookings

  • Average number of participants: Shows you the average number of participants in classes for the specified timeframe.
  • Empty Pass Contracts: Shows you pass customers who have only a few or no credits available and might need to buy new class passes.
  • Age and Gender: Shows you how many of your members are female or male depending on the age range.
  • New customers per period: Shows you how many new members you got within the specified timeframe.

Bild: Statistiken

Cross Studio Bookings

Customers are now able to book classes for different locations with the same contract. However, the locations need to be connected and have the same service provider.

If you want to find out more about it, chat us anytime or read our German article below:

Shop: Hide products and use them for promotions

In the Shop you will now find an option to hide specific products from the online shop, so that customers cannot directly see it there.

You can link directly to those hidden products by using the FastCheckout Link. This gives you the option to show the products on an extra page – for example for promotions.

Bild: Nicht im Shop zeigen

New appointman Logo

As you can see we got a new logo and it seems to show up one by one on different places, like Facebook, Instagram our Login Page or Website.

Bild: Neues appointman Logo

We hope you like it! We appreciate the work our Designer Deniz ( put into it and would like to thank him.

Support: Ask for a callback

In addition to our Support Chat we integrated a link in our support area for you to ask for a callback. As we experienced chat is the easiest and quickest way to help you out, however, in some situations it might be a good idea for you to ask for a callback and explain everything in detail over the phone. Below you can see where to find the support options. Click on “Rückruf vereinbaren” for a callback.

Bild: Rückruf vereinbaren


  • We will integrate “Stripe” – this will give your customers the option to pay online directly in your shop with credit card.
  • Payments and Revenue can be seen in the customer overview and also can be managed there.
  • Finalisation and optimisation of our WodMan application – this will give your customers the possibility to track their workouts.
  • Extended customer overview: This update is almost finished! Before it can go live it needs some fine tuning.

Here you can see a little preview:


We love to hear your ideas! This helps us immensely to improve appointman on a daily basis.

Please use the following link should you have some new suggestions:

Below you will find a list of implemented ideas:

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