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Manage your studio with only one app

Now you will be able to keep track of everything that happens at your studio twenty-four-seven

Online Class Booking

Your class schedule is up and running in just a few minutes and ready for your customers to start booking. They can book directly on your website, on your Facebook page or with the appointman app.

Online Appointment Booking

Allow your customers to book their appointments on your website or with the appointman app –
there is no simpler way! Everything works automatically, no more manual appointment entries.

Customer Management

With appointman the management of your customers is very easy and flexible. You can add limitations to your customer’s term contracts and class passes. You decide which classes they can book and how many.

Trial Training Booking

Allow your leads to do trial trainings in your regular classes or create trial classes only for your leads. You decide how many trial trainings can participate in each of your classes.

Online Resource Booking

Sometimes you have unused facilities in your gym. Make the most out of it by offering your customers to book your resources for private training sessions. No matter if it is a room in your gym or a tennis court.

Reports and Statistics

Get to know your business and your customers on another level. Check the statistics and be sure to learn more about your revenue, your lead conversion, etc.

Workshops and Seminars

The simple way for your customers to book workshops on your website, Facebook page or with the appointman app – twenty-four-seven. It’s a super fast booking experience and ideal for your potential new customers.

Fast. Simple. Day and night.

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