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Online class booking

Happy customers and fully booked classes

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Create your class schedule in just a few minutes

It takes only a few minutes to create classes. Your class schedule will be ready in no time for your first customers to book. Easy to build into your website or add it to your Facebook page with just a click. Your customers will book independently and at the same time you can keep track of all bookings.

Simple booking experience with our app

Immediately after you set up your classes they will be available for booking in your own app or the appointman app. It’s easy to set limitations to class bookings. For each customer and contract you can add individual limitations. For example a limit of 2 class bookings per week or a class pass for only 10 classes.

Bequem mit dem iPhone oder Android Fitness Kurse buchen

Win new members before you know it

With our website plugin your leads will book their trial classes on their own. You can allow them to participate in your regular classes for a 1-day trial for example. Every booking will generate a lead contact with all the needed information.

Fast. Simple. Day and night.

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