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Customer management

You have complete control over the management of your customers and members. This allows you to optimize the development of your customer base proactively.

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Members, contracts and billing management

Your customer management with appointman is simple and flexible at the same time. In addition to defining the term period, you have the option to add limitations to your term contracts and class passes. You can create subscriptions with direct debit or credit card payments and you will always be able to track every booking of your customers.

Improve the relationship with your customers

Communication is key in a great relationship with your customers – a piece of cake with appointman. Let your customers know about class cancellations or time slot changes via e-mail, SMS or push notification. You can even send out newsletters for your latest announcements. Enjoy the time you can spend with your customers without dealing with the administrative part of your job. Your customers book independently and appointman does the rest while you can concentrate on your training.

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More growth for your business

You can not only check the statistics for each of your customers, but with appointman you will see statistics for all your customers, bookings and contracts. This way you can act on time to be able to influence your business growth.

Fast. Simple. Day and night.

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